• Trust

    We know that entrusting someone with our appearance is a matter of trust. We do not work out of routine, we tailor our services to the personality and unique style of our guests.

  • Expertise

    Our passion is our profession, which is why we take our work very seriously and continuously train ourselves to provide high-quality services.

  • Consulting

    In addition to our services, we provide the full range of advice necessary for perfect home care, following which the achieved results can be sustained.

  • Guarantee

    We believe in long-term relationships, which is why, after using our services, we offer a one-week guarantee for all our work.

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At Heiszler Hair & Beauty, we work every day to make you feel good in your own skin, so that while your appearance is renewed, you are also recharged on the inside, and every time you visit us, you can break away from the everyday routine and relax undisturbed.

We focus on not only doing excellent work in a technical sense, but also on doing it all perfectly tailored to you - seeing and experiencing a bit of the overall picture, your personality, your style, getting to know your skin or hair type, expectations and goals.

We believe that this is the only way to achieve truly perfect results, and this is guaranteed by the Heiszler method .


  • We speak English!

    As a foreigner, you don't have to worry about what will happen to you. Our receptionists and most of our professionals also speak English.

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