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Join us and enter a world where beauty care rises to a new level.
Within the framework of our loyalty program, we pamper you with exclusive benefits, such as selectable premium services, additional discounts, and personalized offers. All this in an environment where every detail is tailored to you.

The Exclusive VIP membership is not just a membership, but an investment in your own beauty and well-being and provides the opportunity to plan your monthly beauty expenses in advance, while receiving maximum value and attention from us.

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The Exclusive VIP level is specially designed for those who value personalized beauty care and comfort. For those who know that beauty care is more than just a routine - it's a dedication and care for ourselves.

Don't be left behind! Join now and secure your place in this exclusive community where beauty meets comfort.

What exactly does it contain?

  • Optional services: 3 premium services, including hairdressing, cosmetics and manicure-pedicure.
  • Additional discounts: 20% discount on all additional services.
  • Birthday surprises: Special gifts on your birthday.
  • Exclusive promotions: personalized offers.
  • Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee

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  • The 3 optional services include one of the following categories: hairdressing, cosmetics, and manicure and pedicure. This ensures that you have a complete beauty care experience.
  • Please note that although the Vivace treatment is also part of the optional services, in accordance with special hygiene requirements (a new needle must be used for each treatment), you can purchase the needle required for the treatment separately on site, at a price of HUF 25,200.
  • Your membership will be continuously renewed until you cancel, and the fee will be automatically deducted from your account. This ensures that you can enjoy all the benefits of the loyalty program without interruption.
  • It is possible to upgrade to a higher level within the loyalty program at any time. Discover the additional levels and the unique benefits they offer to make the most of HEISZLER.
  • If you cancel your membership, you can only rejoin after 2 years. That is why we ask you to carefully consider your decision so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program.
  • Warranty validation and membership subscription cancellation: reklamacio.heiszlerszalon.hu/AtVgcB