With a dedicated and guest-oriented attitude, we have become one of the most dynamically developing hair and beauty salons in Hungary.

Our mission: we help men and women to strengthen their self-confidence through our services, and we help them achieve their success every day by beautifying them.

For us, our profession is a vocation and not just a way to turn our time into money. This is our motivation, because we believe that this is the only way to succeed in the beauty sector.


We believe that we have to give our guests more than a soulless, sloppy service, where the goal is only to get the biggest possible profit. We have all the equipment, all the premium products and the beautiful environment to be the best professionally. This is how we achieve that our guests are happy to return again and again. And this is guaranteed by the Heiszler method, which you will also learn.

  • Tuning in

    As a professional, it is not only important that you do excellent work in an "objective" sense, but it is also essential that you do it all in perfect harmony with your guest. It is essential that you see the overall picture, your guest's skin type, expectations and goals. Experience a bit of your guest's personality and style.

  • The process itself

    After thorough preparations and planning, the work you do will be much easier and of higher quality. You will be 100% responsible for the work done, but you will get everything for it. The shelves are always full of products, and you can work with the best tools and techniques. The most important thing is that you never work from a routine, but in tune with your guest! This is the essence of the method.

  • Help for aftercare at home

    That's why we say we offer a full service. The work is not over when the treatment is finished. You have to provide your guest with advice that will help him maintain the wonderful end result achieved for a longer period of time. This will make you much happier and your work will be easier next time.

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