Pamper your body and soul with the special experience of the Wave Massage! This innovative massage therapy method not only relieves stress and strengthens the immune system, but also effectively improves blood circulation and relaxes tired, sore muscles.

The different waves penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues to help remove accumulated toxins and increase the body's oxygen supply, help relieve muscle tension, so you feel refreshed, regenerated and balanced after the massage.

If you want a wellness experience that ensures both physical and mental well-being, then the WAVE MASSAGE is the perfect choice for you. Enjoy high-level massage therapy, which is guaranteed to provide cloudless relaxation. Find balance and release tension with a massage experience you've always wanted!

  • You will receive it as a gift with our shaping body treatments!

    Or you can request it at half price as an additional service to any cosmetic treatment.

We recommend it to you if your goal is to:

  • fat breakdown/size reduction,
  • cellulite reduction,
  • detoxification/lymphatic massage,
  • treatment of leg pain/leg swelling,
  • prevention of deep vein thrombosis,
  • increasing the results and efficiency of other shaping treatments,
  • increasing lymph circulation and blood circulation,
  • relaxation and stress relief,
  • improving weak physical conditions,
  • relief of muscle fever,
  • other health and therapeutic purposes.

How does the WAVE MASSAGE work?

The sedentary lifestyle of today's modern age, coupled with unhealthy nutrition leading to overweight and other factors that burden the body, can lead to a weakening of the functioning of the venous and lymphatic circulation systems. From an aesthetic point of view, this leads to the saturation of the body with waste products, the aggravation of the well-known cellulite problems, the appearance of stagnant fluids, and a weakened immune system, which are preliminary warning signs of a worsening health condition that needs treatment.

The essence of the mechanical compression procedure is to place specially designed treatment units and applicators consisting of air chambers on the patient's limbs and body. The air chambers of the applicator, which are controlled and inflate one after the other, create a computer-controlled, continuously alternating wave massage effect. This has an incredibly powerful, positive effect on stimulating both lymph and blood circulation.

In addition to the prevention and treatment of leg pain, it is a very important addition to all body contouring treatments, since by stimulating lymphatic circulation, it ensures that the waste materials and broken down fats released during body contouring are emptied from the body.

What to expect during the WAVE MASSAGE ?

Using a special device (which resembles a pair of ski pants), you pamper your body and soul with a particularly pleasant, vacuum and wave massage for half an hour. Of course, this is not only a good feeling, but also has outstanding physiological effects.

You can receive it as a gift with all of our shaping body treatments, or you can choose cosmetic treatments as an additional service.

If you want to learn more about WAVE MASSAGE , sign up for a free consultation today or contact us through one of our contacts.