PHOTOREJUVENATION is a real cannon in skin renewal and skin defect treatments . At the same time , it provides a safe and effective solution to many skin problems, without surgery or intervention.

Thanks to its immediate effect, it is guaranteed to fade or even disappear scars , freckles , pigment spots , liver spots and rosacea after just one treatment .

The unique combination of radio frequency and flash energy activates the body's natural production of elastin and collagen, improves the texture of the skin , and restores its elasticity .

We recommend it to you if you are looking for a solution to the following problems:

  • pigmented skin lesions
  • vascular changes
  • broom veins
  • rosacea
  • skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle

+ you would also get rid of the hair growing on your face

  • Fades pigmented skin lesions.

    The short but high-energy light pulse penetrates the skin defects, where it turns into thermal energy and first heats up and then destroys freckles, pigment spots and liver spots.

  • It lightens or even eliminates rosacea.

    The heat generated during the treatment eliminates the inflammation, destroys the inner wall of the blood vessel, causing it to shrink, close, and then be absorbed.

  • Effectively treats stubborn acne.

    The treatment normalizes sebum production, destroys the bacteria responsible for stubborn acne, and reduces redness and inflammation.

  • Fades scars.

    The treatment promotes the renewal of the outer layer of the skin, thanks to which the visible scars gradually fade.

  • It can also be used for darker skin tones and lighter fur.

    The synergy of radio frequency and flash energy allows for use on darker skin and light fur.

  • + Removes unwanted hairs!

    It destroys the matrix cells responsible for the growth of hairs, so you have a permanent mustache, and unlike waxing, you don't have to worry about ingrown hairs.

How does the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment work?

The short but high-energy light pulses from the special light source are absorbed by the melanin (pigment) and red blood cells in the skin, thereby generating heat. The heat creates a tiny, controlled point of thermal injury that activates the skin's natural healing processes without actually damaging the sensitive skin tissue. Unlike burns, these injury points do not cause scarring or other complications.

As the regeneration of the skin cells starts, collagen production also increases, thanks to which the faded, worn skin is revived, regains its elasticity, and becomes a bright, fresh color. The light pulses also break down dark pigments inside freckles, age spots and pigment spots, creating a more even skin tone.

The skin defects of the treated area are visibly reduced immediately after the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment, however, in the case of certain problems, 3-6 treatments may be necessary.

What to expect during the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment?

Like all treatments in the Heiszler Salons, the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment is preceded by a free consultation, where our beautician performs a skin analysis to make sure that PHOTOREJUVENATION is the most suitable treatment option for you. We will then discuss the treatment plan, the course of the treatment itself, what you can expect from the procedure, and any questions you may have. You will also receive comprehensive skin care advice, which you can follow to maximize the results.

After the treatment, sunburn-like skin redness, stretching of the treated area, and temporary darkening of the pigments may occur.

If you would like to learn more about PHOTOREJUVENATION, sign up for a free consultation today or contact us through one of our contacts.


Is the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment painful?

The PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment is a slightly unpleasant, but by no means painful treatment.

Is the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment suitable for me?

The effect of the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment is most spectacular on skin with rosacea, pigment spots and freckles, but it can also be performed as a preventive measure on any type of skin exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. During a free consultation with our specialists, we will assess the current condition of your skin, any problems you may have, and make sure that PHOTOREJUVENATION is indeed the most suitable treatment option.

How long does a treatment take?

The expected duration of the PHOTOREJUVENATION skin texture unifying treatment is 45-60 minutes.

What side effects can occur?

After the PHOTOREJUVENATION treatment, you can immediately return to your daily routine with the use of sunscreen. After the treatment, sunburn-like redness, stretching of the treated area, and temporary darkening of the pigments may occur.

How many treatments will I need for visible results?

We recommend application like a cure (4-5 times). The effect usually becomes really spectacular after the third treatment, and the results last for months.