Discover the new, revolutionary body treatment technology, which is based on the combination of cavitation fat breakdown and multipolar radio frequency! The body treatment has an amazing effect on your skin, increasing metabolism, eliminating cellulite and transforming body contours.

Cavitation is an ultrasound-based procedure that helps get rid of stubborn fat pads. The evenly distributed amount of heat reaches the skin tissue, thus stimulating the metabolism and reducing the size of fat cells, without causing damage to the connective tissue or other tissues.

At the same time, the multipolar radiofrequency treatment results in biostimulation, increases blood circulation and fresh oxygen supply, which is greatly facilitated by lymphatic massage.

And thanks to these properties, it increases the activity of the nervous system, improves mood and reduces muscle tension - so it completely fills you with energy!

Discover this new generation, non-invasive body treatment method, with which you can easily transform your body and eliminate those stubborn fat pads! Don't hesitate any longer, book an appointment with us and enjoy every minute of this experience!


    As with all our shaping body treatments, the COMFORT LINE Shaping Body Treatment is concluded with a wave massage, which can be used to intensify the removal of waste materials accumulated between the tissues through the lymphatic system.

We recommend it to you if:

  • you want to reduce fat and tighten your skin in one step,
  • you struggle with cellulite
  • you want to get rid of fat deposits caused by a sedentary lifestyle,
  • your skin and body contours are sagging,
  • you want spectacular results without surgical intervention

How does COMFORT LINE Shaping work?

COMFORT LINE Shaping combines the power of four synergistic technologies.

Ultrasonic cavitation breaks up fat cells into smaller pieces, which the body can easily process, and starts their removal.

The multipolar RF energy penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, where it stimulates the cells, promoting the release of stored fat.

The pulsating vacuum massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which is responsible for the removal of fat loosened and broken down by cavitation and multipolar RF energy.

The soft-laser stimulates cell activity as light therapy, enhancing the effect of the previous treatments, while the blue light has a calming effect on the body.

What to expect during COMFORT LINE Shaping ?

As with all treatments in Heiszler Salons, COMFORT LINE Shaping is preceded by a free consultation. During the consultation, our beautician performs a skin analysis and then compiles your customized, complex body treatment program. You will also receive comprehensive home care advice, which you can follow to maximize the result.

As with all our body treatments, the COMFORT LINE Shaping is concluded with a wave and lymphatic massage, which can be used to intensify the removal of waste materials accumulated between the tissues through the lymphatic system.

If you would like to learn more about COMFORT LINE Shaping, sign up for a free consultation today or contact us via one of our contacts.