Our special summer offers

Between October 1 - November 31

IPL Permanent hair removal

Bye-bye razor, never more wax! If you are tired of frequent, often painful and time-consuming hair removal procedures, you will simply love IPL Permanent Hair Removal ! IPL is not just a treatment, but a way of life. Imagine never having to use a razor, wax, or epilator again, saving not only time, but also energy. How heavenly does it sound?!

That's why we've prepared a great offer for you: between October 1 and November 31, you can use IPL Permanent Hair Removal at an introductory price of just HUF 7,000 (instead of HUF 10,000) !

Promotional prices:

Area "S" - instead of HUF 10,000: HUF 7,000

"M" area - instead of HUF 20,000: HUF 14,000

"L" area - instead of HUF 30,000: HUF 21,000

"XL" area - instead of HUF 50,000: HUF 35,000

No more excuses, no more procrastination. Silky skin, eternal freedom - all this is just a click away from you. Book your appointment now!

Valid : 01.10.2023 - 11.31. depending on available places, for permanent hair removal of any area.
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