• Are you tired of the uncomfortable and tight feeling caused by your dry skin?

  • Do you feel that your skin has lost its elasticity and firmness?

  • Are the pigment spots on your skin bothering you or the uneven skin tone ?

  • Are you struggling with acne and skin blemishes and haven't found an effective solution yet?

Imagine that your skin will be hydrated, smooth and glowing again...

And you look confidently in the mirror every time and enjoy the healthy appearance of your skin. Sounds good, right?

ClinicCare Personalized facial treatment

The essence of personalized facial treatment is that we adapt each treatment to the unique needs and condition of your skin. This means that our experts perform a thorough skin analysis and then put together a treatment for you that takes the characteristics and problems of your skin into account as much as possible. Whether it is dryness, aging, sun damage, pigment spots or acne problems, the premium products of the Swedish ClinicCare guarantee an effective solution.

Swedish precision and reliability

The Swedes are famous for their precision and commitment to quality - think Volvo or Saab. You can experience the same high quality and reliability in ClinicCare products. Premium cosmetics developed and manufactured in Sweden guarantee the best results and the highest reliability that your skin needs.

Benefits of ClinicCare Personalized facial treatment

  • Versatile

    No two skins are the same, so each treatment is individually formulated to provide exactly what your skin needs.

  • Revolutionary

    ClinicCare products contain low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, silk peptides, growth factors and nano-embedding technology, which penetrate deep into the skin and provide long-lasting results.

  • Effective

    The combination of ingredients not only nourishes and protects the skin, but also promotes the healthy functioning of the skin.

  • Special

    During the treatment, not only your skin but also your soul will be recharged, as every detail is for your comfort and well-being

Imagine yourself at your best again...

A perfect complexion not only changes your appearance, but also increases your self-confidence. Feel confident every single day and enjoy the healthy glow of your skin, which ClinicCare's personalized facial treatment provides. Bring out the best in yourself and let your skin reflect that too!

If any of the following statements are true for you, then ClinicCare personalized facial treatment is the perfect choice for you:

  • If you are tired of the dryness of your skin,

    and you want to get rid of the constant discomfort caused by dehydration.

  • If you are tired of wrinkles and pigment spots,

    and you are looking for a simple but effective solution against them.

  • If you struggle with acne and other skin problems,

    and you finally want to get rid of them.

  • If you are looking for a really effective solution,

    which not only cares for your skin, but also your soul and helps you recharge completely.

What can you expect during ClinicCare's personalized facial treatment?

As a first step, our specialists thoroughly analyze the condition of your skin to get an accurate picture of your needs and problems, and then we put together a unique treatment for you.

During the treatment, the active ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness.

After the treatment, we provide you with personalized advice so that you can maintain the health and beauty of your skin at home.

If you would like to learn more about ClinicCare Personalized facial treatment, sign up for a free consultation today or contact us through one of our contact details.


How long does a ClinicCare facial treatment take?

The duration of a treatment is about 1.5 hours.

How often should treatments be repeated?

Depending on the condition of your skin, we usually recommend repeating the treatments every 4-6 weeks.

Are there side effects to ClinicCare treatments?

ClinicCare Personalized treatment does not have any side effects, as ClinicCare products are made from natural ingredients that are well tolerated by the skin. However, as with all skin care treatments, you may experience short-term mild redness or sensitivity if you have very sensitive skin.

How can I prepare for the treatment?

No special preparations are required.

When can I see the first results?

You can already see a visible improvement in the condition of your skin after the first treatment, but for lasting results, it is worth going to the treatments at regular intervals.

Can the ClinicCare facial treatment be used for all skin types?

Yes, ClinicCare's facial treatments are suitable for all skin types, as the treatments are always customized according to the current condition and needs of the skin.

Can I still go for a ClinicCare facial treatment in the summer?

Yes, ClinicCare treatments can also be safely performed in the summer. The ingredients of ClinicCare products and the course of treatments are designed in such a way that they can be used effectively and safely in all seasons, including summer. However, it is important to use adequate sun protection after the treatment, as your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight. Our experts provide personalized advice on how to protect your skin in the summer months.