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Ash shampoo, free of surfactant sulfates and silicones, especially for dyed hair, with date and cinnamon extracts.

Its special composition energizes and tones the scalp, while preserving the vibrancy of the hair color and helping to hydrate the hair and seal the cuticle. The power of cationic Guar helps to comb easily, while providing soft and shiny hair.

Its ultra-sensual fragrance is based on the rich aroma of spicy dried fruits with hints of date and cinnamon blossom. Then the base note breaks out, revealing an incredibly mouth-watering sweetness and the premium feeling of the soft woody-vanilla character, with a special tonka bean aroma.

Because inspiration can come from anywhere. We can thank a bakery for this, for example. Or, more precisely, to their date-cinnamon loaf, the smell of which wafts out onto the street every morning. It's no wonder that when we were looking for excellent ingredients and beauty superfoods, these two came to mind. It only took a little research and a few slices of delicious pastry to discover that dates and cinnamon are not only delicious, but also the perfect ingredients for a hair color protection formula that makes hair incredibly shiny naturally.

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