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A light, medium-hold mousse that adds body and volume to the hair.

Formula free of general artificial film-forming polymers and silicones .

Coconut oil and jojoba oil mixed with a cationic polymer improve hair manageability and provide a long-lasting care effect. It also contains modified, biologically degradable potato starch, which provides easy hold for the hair, but maintains the manageability and natural feel of the hair, and protects the hair against harmful heat effects up to 230 °C.

Smell: clean and soft, powdery.

FOCUS ON STYLING: When we decided to create a high-performance, clean and effective styling product line, the "meeting of nature and science" occurred to us almost immediately. Inspired by the increasingly widespread solar cells that provide clean energy, we started talking about how easily we could replace some of the components of our products from more natural sources. After thorough testing, we have found many alternative natural materials for our products, which provide a long-lasting effect and flexible texture, without the use of synthetic materials such as mineral oils, parabens and silicones.

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