5 hiba, amit nyáron a hajápolásban elkövethetsz

5 mistakes you can make in summer hair care

How to properly care for your hair in the summer months

Damaged hair

In the summer, not only our skin but also our hair requires special attention, so now we present five common mistakes that you can make during summer hair care. Read on to find out what mistakes you should avoid and how to effectively care for your hair in the summer months , and what to do if you've already suffered from the summer.

  1. You don't use sunscreen on your hair

You must have heard countless times how harmful UV rays are to your skin. Well, maybe not yet that UV radiation can damage the structure of the hair, dry it out and make it dull. Sure, UV rays break down hair proteins, which can make hair brittle and stringy.

So what's the solution? Use hair care products with UV protection every morning before going out into the sun to protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. The products of Authentic Beauty Concept not only moisturize, but also protect the hair from UV radiation. Products providing effective UV protection:


Tip : Apply these products every morning before going out into the sun to protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays and preserve its natural shine and elasticity.

  1. You are not moisturizing your hair enough

Did you know that your hair can easily dry out in the summer? Constant heat and the scorching sun strip your hair of its natural moisture content, which can make it brittle, frizzy and dull. Dehydrated hair loses its elasticity and healthy appearance, which is not only aesthetically disturbing, but can also be harmful in the long term.

So what is the solution? Use deep hydrating products such as the Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Mask. This mask provides intensive hydration and restores the natural shine and elasticity of your hair. Use this mask at least once a week to deeply nourish your hair and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Tip : Pay particular attention to the ends of the hair, because they tend to dry out the most.

Here I would like to tell you that the wind, the water and the hot sun that hits the hair on the beach have the same effect as bleaching in a hair salon, before and during it (that's why the hair gets lighter, right) we use hair bond strengthening products and also at the end of hair-building treatments so that the hair is not damaged. At the water's edge, if you don't protect it, you won't hydrate it regularly....for summer, it's worth choosing a product line that is more nourishing than usual.

  1. You are not cleaning your hair properly

Due to the summer heat and sweating, the scalp can easily become oily, which can lead to acne and dandruff. This is further aggravated by chlorinated water and impurities, as they can accumulate on the hair due to greasiness, clogging the pores. Clogged pores prevent adequate oxygen supply to hair follicles, which can weaken hair strands and slow down hair growth.

But what is the solution? Clean your hair regularly with gentle but effective cleansers like Authentic Beauty Concept Deep Cleansing Shampoo , which provides deep cleansing without drying out the hair and scalp. Rinse your hair with cold water to seal the strands and keep them hydrated.

  1. You don't protect your hair from chlorine and salt water

Chlorine and salt water can cause serious damage to the hair structure. Chlorine dries out the hair and removes natural oils, which can lead to brittleness and split ends. Salt water is also drying, and if the hair is not properly protected, it can be dull and lifeless. Due to the natural oils being removed, the hair loses its moisture, elasticity and healthy appearance.

What is the solution? Use protective products like Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Spray , which protects hair from the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water. Before swimming, wet your hair and apply a layer of conditioner to minimize the harmful effects of chlorine and salt. Always rinse your hair with clean water after swimming.

Tip : Don't dye your hair before your vacation, but after it, because if you don't constantly protect your hair with a hat, the hair color will fade quickly. It dries out from salt water and the sun, so it's better to top up the color on the entire length of your hair after a vacation and ask for the most nourishing treatments.

  1. Bad timing of treatments

Be careful! If the summer heat and sunlight have already dried and damaged your hair, certain chemical treatments (e.g. bleaching) can make the situation even worse. As a result of such treatments, the hair can lose its natural protection and elasticity, causing it to become split and stringy. Unfortunately, already damaged hair can become damaged and fade faster due to further chemical effects.

So what is the solution? If your hair has already suffered from the summer, visit us for an exclusive hair care treatment before choosing any chemical treatment. This treatment restores the elasticity and shine of the hair, preparing the hair for chemical interventions.

Tip : The wind, water and hot sun on the beach have a similar effect on your hair as bleaching in a hair salon. It is also important to protect and moisturize your hair regularly at the water's edge. In the summer, it is worth choosing a product line that is more nutritious than usual, so that your hair remains healthy and shiny.

Don't let summer make your hair worse! And because it's really important to protect your hair in the summer, until the end of September, when you sign up for an exclusive hair care treatment service with Gréti and Marci, you'll also receive a personalized annual hair care program as a GIFT , so that your hair shines in its bright and healthy light all year round and receives the care you need.

The value of the free personalized annual hair care program design is HUF 20,000

So if you have decided that you need a summer hair care treatment, book an appointment online:


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