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Silicone-free hair and scalp care wrap with a light, fresh texture.

The formula containing spirulina and aloe vera intensively hydrates the scalp and hair, and also protects it from external environmental influences, thus helping to restore the shine of the hair.

Leave in to highlight wavy hair.

A clean, fresh and elegant, feminine, floral-scented product that combines the scent of a large bouquet of freshly cut leaves of white peonies, with the scent of bright rose and freesia buds and powdery violet scent, with a creamy musk and soft, woody background.

In addition to the product lines developed for individual hair types, we have created a carefully curated collection with which everyone can experience idyllic moments of awareness, the jewel of this collection is the Hydrating Jelly Mask. What could be a better way to spend "me time" than a thorough hair care!? Especially when we take into account the fact that beautiful, authentic hairstyles can only be created on healthy hair and a hydrated scalp. Don't forget to take care of your scalp either!

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