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Silicone-free light spray for hair and face.

A light yet nourishing formula for shiny, healthy- looking hair. A perfect choice for refreshing hair or for a vegan blow-dry. It highlights and smooths out authentic hairstyles in seconds. The rambutan-containing formula intensively hydrates the hair and scalp, and the refreshing, almost imperceptible texture provides effective care so that the hair can shine with a healthy glow.

Same as the Amplify series, it exudes a soft floral scent enriched with green lime, mandarin and green tea leaves.

MORE THAN HAIR CARE: Our goal is to create an all-encompassing, authentic experience. This means that we are not only advocates of awareness in the field of hair care, but also strive to create a balance of body and soul. After all, external beauty is only the physical projection of internal radiance.

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