Escape & Relax beauty package

A day that is only about you!

HUF 103,000

A half-day pampering me-time package, after which you will leave the salon not only relaxed, but also bursting with self-confidence. If you are fed up from the daily drive and stress, here you can finally relax your body and soul. It is a favorite of busy businesswomen and exhausted mothers.


Escape & Relax is a half-day pampering me-time
package, after which you will leave the salon not only relaxed, but also bursting with self-confidence.

Service duration: 4-5 hours

  • Hydra Touch machine facial cleansing

    Machine facial cleansing, exfoliation and hydration with personalized active ingredient intake.
    HUF 49,800

  • Massage

    45-minute refreshing Swedish massage
    HUF 19,000

  • Stone painting with drying

    Regrowth or removal of gray hairs by blow-drying, straight or wavy styling.
    HUF 34,200

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  • 30-minute wave lymphatic massage
  • Skin care consultation + 3 Babor products as a gift
  • Paraffin hand care
  • Hair care consultation + 3 hair care Authentic Beauty Concept mini products as a gift from the products recommended during the consultation
  • Authentic Beauty Concept memento hair treatment: We care for your hair with selected natural active ingredients and pamper you with the magical scent of mango, lime, basil, pecans, dates, or even cinnamon.
  • Steampod hair treatment for straight styling

Value of bonuses: HUF 39,100

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How can I buy the package?

Choose which package you want, and after entering a few details, you can buy it comfortably with a bank card.

After successful payment, you will receive the voucher immediately by e-mail.

How long can it be used?

All our packages can be used for 3 months from the date of purchase.

How can I book an appointment for my package?

Appointments can be booked by phone at +36 20 227 5156 .

Since more professionals from all professions are available in our salon, we can provide an appointment for 1 week as soon as possible, during holiday periods this can change to 2 weeks.

Can I share the services included in the package with someone else?

This is why we invented our Sex & the City package, where 4 people could come to us at the same time. In addition, we are responsible for the treatment of one of you here. Our other packages can be used in their entirety by 1 person.

Can I request additional services for the package?

Of course, indeed! When we make an appointment with you for your package, let us know if you would like to add highlighter, wax, pedicure, or massage to the package.

Can I use the services included in the package over several days?

With our package offers, our goal is to set aside at least 1 day per month that is all about you, when you get down to it, slow down and don't rush. If you want to come on separate days, you can use the services separately, for which our package offers are not valid.

Can I choose the specialist?

Our specialists do an excellent job one by one, but of course you can choose if you want to request the package from a specific colleague, but we cannot guarantee an appointment within 1-2 weeks in this case.

What happens if I cancel or change the date?

You can cancel without obligation at least 2 working days before the day of the reservation, because that way we can fill the vacant place and we will not suffer a loss. However, in case of cancellation or modification within 2 working days, the value of the package will not be refunded.