Vendégélmény a Heiszler szalonban: luxus törődés a hajnak, feltöltődés a léleknek

Guest experience at the Heiszler salon: luxurious care for the hair, replenishment for the soul

Why do people go to the hairdresser? You want to change your hairstyle, or you want to keep the existing, favorite color and style in the form and condition you love. It really doesn't matter how you are received, whether it's the first time or the many times, and what kind of service you receive - that's exactly why professionalism and luxurious care are key features in the Heiszler Salon.

A beautiful hairstyle requires skill

…In other words, hairdressers who are dedicated to their profession and are willing to learn continuously. Trends are transformed from season to season with the same dynamism as clothes, also in the field of hairstyles, which is mainly manifested in colors and dyeing techniques these days. Many trends are increasingly moving towards natural effects, which require special attention. And it's not uncommon that once someone learns a technique, they can apply it at a professional level!

For us, it is extremely important that our hairdressers not only know the trends, but are also able to implement them in a perfect form using the appropriate methods . This even includes painting very thin transitions every few strands...

"They dyed my hair with the hottest, super natural babylights technique. This resulted in a beautiful, natural, sun-kissed effect. Two of them dyed my hair at the same time, so that the light transition to the darker color was done in small strands of a few strands. The end result was brilliant, and it was a fantastic feeling to be cared for.”

Attunement to the guest

The perfect hairstyle is the joint result of the guest's needs and the hairdresser's expertise. It is essential that the professional be able to tune in to the guest's expectations, but not be short of ideas of his own. In many salons, bad results are achieved because the hairdresser perfectly accepts and fulfills the request of the guest's hairstyle, which, however, is terribly different from the one shown as a sample, either in person or according to his abilities. Or just that he excessively imposes his own ideas... Neither is a good solution!

The hairdressers of the Heiszler salon always come up with the hairstyle in accordance with the guests, and then choose a method for it, which ultimately ensures the highest quality result. However, this is not possible without maximum care and perfect observation skills: from personality traits and face shape to hair type to previous treatments, everything is taken into account before starting work.

"After many years of dyeing, I want to regain - more or less - my original hair color, so I also asked Ivet for a color that matches my hair roots. He suggested that a nice, natural blonde transition should be included, of course nothing striking or ostentatious, it just gives my hair a soft dynamic, and my face needs a little blonde. The overall effect was super fresh, I went home almost floating with my beautiful cascade of hair."

Premium products and a sense of life

Here, the guests not only receive an assembly line hairdressing job, but also several hours of attention if necessary. The application of many currently popular transitional painting techniques or even a more serious lightening requires lengthy work. For us, it is essential that we spend several hours with the guest's hairstyle with patience and to the best of our knowledge, as our goal is a professional-level result and their satisfaction, as well as luxurious care!

In addition, of course, the quality of the products used is not incidental: the key to beautiful hair is care , and by using the Kérastase brand, which represents the highest standards in the world, the hairstyles of the guests of the Heiszler salon really receive a premium level of pampering.

"My hair almost came to life under Ivett's hands, and not only because of the dyeing. The care products effectively nourished my locks, which later, even after washing my hair and applying my home routine, did not lose the shiny, silky and soft overall effect with which I left the salon. Patience and care are really unmatched in Ivett's salon. There is no gossip here, no confusion. The comfortable, online check-in system has already been professionally built, and this experience continues when you enter the salon. In addition to beautifying my hair for two or three hours, I also enjoyed the barista-quality coffee."

Would you like to try our salon, or as a returning guest, do you agree with what has been described? Is luxury care important? Log in comfortably through our online interface and renew your hairstyle in the expert hands of our hairdressers!

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