Varázslatos menyasszonyi frizura trendek

Magical bridal hairstyle trends

The main focus of bridal hairstyle trends is light femininity with a romantic twist. Mirror-smooth surfaces are fleeting this year, but everything charmingly sexy and relaxed can be used. We show you the best choices if you're getting married this year! (But if you're just a guest at an official wedding, you'll still find plenty of inspiration.)

Gooseneck and elegance - hair with a nape emphasis

You can't go with the bun in the same way as you can with the loose, partial pin up. It is worth considering the shape and length of your neck, as well as the cut around the neck and shoulders of your dress when choosing a hairstyle, so that the harmony is perfect! In such cases, it can be a good idea to ask for the help of an external expert, as he or she may have completely different views on the optimal hairstyle.

Our bridal hairstyle specialists not only prepare your hairstyle, but also help you choose the perfect outfit for the big day! Feel free to ask us - click HERE to get in touch.

For charming and romantic brides - braiding and twisting are still trendy

Braids have been the absolute defining trend of the past few years, be it festivals or weddings, they were everywhere. Perhaps by now the braiding mania has tamed down to such an extent that it appears in the 2020 bridal trends much more as a decorative element than as an independent, complete hairstyle-defining wear. Thanks to the variability of braids, a talented and qualified wedding hairdresser can find the ideal version for almost any face and neck shape, hair type or wedding dress.

If you don't want to be pinned up - flower wreaths are not just for hippie brides

Many brides don't want buns or other updos at all, preferring to let their hair down, either straight or wavy. Since the hairstyle is an essential element at a wedding, and the more spectacular, rich and shining crown of hair looks much better in the pictures, the decoration should not be neglected - and one of this year's leading trends provides the answer. This is the wreath. It has a beautiful and spectacular effect and is not only suitable for hippie brides! It is important, however, that this outfit is really showy with a longer hairstyle that reaches below the shoulders.

What Beats Buns – Partially Pin Up Bridal Hairstyles

What used to be the dominating bun is now a hairstyle that is partly pinned up and partly left down. It also depends on individual needs, taste, face shape and choice of clothes, which version is the most beautiful choice. However, it is certain that in recent years, asymmetric, side-combed outfits with loose waves, even secured with braids, have enjoyed unbroken popularity. In addition, a partial pin-up around the nape of the neck looks good on almost everyone.

Bridal hairstyle specialists Kinga Paréj and László Ferenci of the Heiszler Salon will create a beautiful hairstyle for you for the big day, not only matching your face, but also your personality

Everything that's relaxed and romantic - and nothing that's pretentious

In the last couple of years, they have already disappeared, but now the trend of excessively plastic, mirror-smooth hairstyles has completely died out. Instead of tight braids, loose and textured versions are fashionable, in addition to glitter, pearls and rhinestone decorations, live flowers are becoming more and more common in hairstyles - in fact, they are one of the most popular decorative elements at wedding venues! Tight braids were replaced by light romanticism and more natural hairstyles - incidentally, to the great joy of the grooms.

Whether you are going to be a trendy bride or would rather represent your own style at your wedding, it is important to consider all important factors when choosing a hairstyle, from the dress to your face to your makeup, from the structure of your hair to the shape of your neck and your personality.

If you feel lost and it is difficult to coordinate these many conditions, come to our experts for a wedding hairstyle consultation! With us, you will not only get the hairstyle for your wedding, but we also offer full advice and a hair trial so that you can really shine in your perfect light on one of the most beautiful days of your life!

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