Milyen a jó fodrász?

What is a good hairdresser?

What is the right hairdresser?

We are often visited by guests whose hair color needs correction. Unfortunately, most of the time it was made by a professional. In this case, the repair of the hairstyle can be several times the amount already paid!

How to avoid unnecessary expenses and, of course, other inconveniences caused by damaged hair? We provide four helpful tips in our post!

A professional-looking hairdresser is not always the most qualified

A typical example of when a hairdresser does not invest enough energy in preparation, for example the balayage technique: it is prepared, quickly dried to make it wavy, and the guest is satisfied. Then at home, when she doesn't immediately bake her hair wavy, she is confronted with the fact that the sight is not beautiful at all, there is no sign of a transition, in fact, it absolutely seems that they messed up the execution. All of this can be attributed to lack of preparation, when the trends are roughly known, but the exacting way of their implementation is no longer known.

Always choose a salon where it is clear that the hairdressers are constantly training themselves, and this is also an expectation from the management's side. It is important that they are up-to-date not only with the latest trends, but also with regard to techniques and product features.

A surprise instead of a pre-calculated price: this is how to avoid it

You sit in the hairdresser's chair, say what you want, and then think about how much it will cost you, since nothing was said in advance. When the hairdresser is done, you feel that you didn't get exactly what you wanted, you are not completely satisfied, but you still have to pay the amount, which is often tens of thousands of forints, which you did not expect at all - especially in the absence of perfect work. Familiar?

You may be surprised, since most salons do not work this way, but individual hairstyle prices can be calculated in advance based on requests. How does it all work - for example, even here at the Heiszler salon?

  1. You will receive complete information before the start of the service.
  2. We provide a preliminary, free consultation, during which we provide a price offer. We calculate in advance how much what you want will cost.
  3. If something cannot be implemented, we will tell you, and higher profit here or there, we prefer not to undertake. We strive for a solution that is truly the best for you.
  4. We give advice on how and with what to treat your hair at home, since it needs to look good not only when you leave the salon, but every day.
  5. When a desired color would jeopardize the quality of your hair, it is clear that we do not undertake the implementation, and rather we build a hair care program for you.

Guarantee for quality work

At consultations, the question is often asked, what exactly is the price made up of in the case of a hair color change? Well, the right result consists of much more than "the paint". The use of the highest quality materials available on the market, the environment and level of equipment of the salon, as well as the work of the most highly qualified professionals, not novice, newly graduated hairdressers, are essential components - so much so that we even guarantee their results. At first, all this may not seem so important, but there can be huge differences between the work of some hairdressers.

Where does damaged hair start?

At many salons, it is part of their marketing that they show "damaged" and then "restored" hair on their online platforms, although often it is really just that the blow-drying was amateur, even a home solution, but the base was in order. And to point to a smooth drying as a "correction" is definitely a strong exaggeration.

In every photo in our post, you can see serious mistakes, which often cost the guest tens of thousands of forints, and then the restoration we carried out also cost similar amounts. There is only one way to avoid this: by applying our tips, decide on the right salon in the first place, where the prices are clear and the work is guaranteed by the most highly qualified hairdressers.

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