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It's small for your prom hairstyle

There comes a day in everyone's life when, even before our coveted wedding, we can feel like a princess for a day, we can hide in the most beautiful dresses, we can make ourselves smaller, we can dance and party the night away.

However, in order to feel good in our own skin and be satisfied with ourselves when looking back at the pictures, it is essential to plan our appearance.

Once you've found the perfect dress for your prom, it's time to choose the hairstyle that best suits you, crowning the overall look.

So what hairstyle should I choose?

This is a very complex question, for which you should definitely ask your hairdresser for an opinion. Your hairstyle should take into account the features of your hair, it should match your personality, your face shape and your clothes.

If your dress has a high neck, a deep cut at the back, or has a special detail that you want to highlight, then it is better to think about hairstyle styles, whether it is an elegant braid, a side part or a bun. If your outfit is more ornate, then cleaner, more elegant solutions are more appropriate. However, if the dress is simpler, then you can boldly make a bigger, more "princessly", showy hairstyle, or crown it with special hair products or flowers.

If your hair keeps the waves nicely, you think in a bohemian style, or your waltz dress will be strapless, feel free to choose a half-up or loose hairstyle.

How can I prepare the condition of my hair?

I know long hair isn't as easy to manage as short hair, but that doesn't automatically mean you can't do anything with it. In order for your hairstyle to be beautiful and showy, well-groomed, healthy, shiny hair is essential, otherwise the end result will be matte, fluffy and tangled.

Proper hair care is essential for guaranteed success. We can make our hair more brittle in many ways: too much plucking, twisting, high heat effects, or aggressive combing can all lead to an unhealthy crown of hair.

Therefore, always use a professional conditioner, hair mask and heat protectant recommended by a specialist that is suitable for your hair type. In the months before the prom, avoid ironing, curling, or drying your hair with hot air. At least once a week, use a hair mask that you can leave on your hair for several hours or even overnight.

To remove stressed hair ends, visit your hairdresser 1-2 weeks before the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a healthy haircut and a hair structure-improving treatment.

Practical tips that will help you:

  1. Make an appointment with your hairdresser half a year before the prom to make sure you don't miss out.
  2. Take advantage of the consultation and trial hair opportunities to be sure that you are in the best hands.
  3. Organize a folder in which you can collect your hairstyle and makeup ideas, pictures of your chosen clothes and accessories.
  4. Schedule the rehearsal 1-2 months before the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  5. Schedule hair washing for the evening before styling, but then do not use oil or hair mask, just a light conditioner. If you have curly or wavy hair, dry it as straight as you can, your hairdresser will thank you for it.
  6. It's a good idea to dye your hair 1 week before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, but don't try a completely different change or try a new color right before it.
  7. Take a small amount of hairspray, a couple of curling irons and maybe a curling iron with you in case of emergency.

If your prom date is approaching and you still don't have the perfect hairstyle, contact us or request a free appointment for a hairstyle consultation with one of our casual hairstyle specialists!

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