Kiskorú lányod hajfestésért könyörög? Folyamatos viták helyett ez a megoldás

Is your minor daughter begging for hair dye? This is the solution instead of constant arguments

A mother always wants the best for her daughter, but what she thinks is good is often not the same as what her teenage daughter wants... It's no different with hair coloring and lightening.

Are you also in a situation where your minor daughter is constantly begging for a lighter hair color? By all means, read on in your own interests, give him the best while taking care of him, and finally resolve this conflict between the two of you!

The first step is to calm down. We can say from experience that it is not uncommon for 15-year-old girls to come to the salon to lighten their hair. Generation Z is hardly influenced by traditional media anymore, instead of TV shows and magazines, they get information from the internet. Instagram, blogs, YouTube: these are the platforms from which they gather inspiration. All this is not bad, it's just different than it was even 15-20 years ago, but you, as a parent, probably see this too.

On these platforms, they also find actors, bloggers, and vloggers who become their role models, following whom their style is shaped. These actors (e.g. Viszkok Fruzsi, K.Polla) know and shape the trends, while they share tips with their followers on a daily basis about what it takes to be fashionable.

This obviously includes coloring and lightening their hair, which causes great concern for most parents. In uninitiated hands, the hair structure can be destroyed at a very young age, while the effect is often foreign and unnatural, excessively challenging for a teenage girl. You don't have to forbid him, we'll tell you how we solve your problem at the Heiszler Salon.

What we can promise you:

  • we will lighten your daughter's hair in such a way that the end result will be completely natural,
  • and with such a technique that it will not grow back, so you do not have to come back with it for at least half a year.

So, we will make both of your main fears unfounded, and your daughter will be grateful for the help. Why is it better for you to choose this solution? You'd rather bring her to a salon with highly qualified professionals, where we take care of her, than to sit somewhere out of teenage defiance, where they fall on her without expertise and really just ruin her hair! Or, what is even worse: he buys some store product and tries to dye his hair himself with it, which is often much more difficult to correct.

Would you like to discuss the details with us personally? Our creed is that trust and being attuned to each other are the most important, so our expert senior and master hairdressers are ready to help you! All work with us is preceded by a free consultation, so that the end result really meets your ideas.

Make an appointment with our specialists for a free consultation!

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