Kérdések, amiket biztos, hogy legalább egyszer már Te is fel akartál tenni a fodrász szalonban!

Questions that I'm sure you've wanted to ask at least once in the hair salon!

Here are the most common insecurities with hairdressers and in the hair salon

We always do our work with maximum dedication and to the best of our knowledge, but there are quite a few questions that come to mind even before you arrive at our salon, and there are also questions that come to mind after you leave. We have collected the most common of these, and we will tell you what you should do in such cases!


Do you like it or not?

What should I do if I notice at home that I didn't get the hair color that I agreed with the hairdresser in advance or I see a mistake in it?

Call the salon! Make an appointment with your hairdresser if communication has slipped somewhere, and after that you will surely find a common solution so that you feel better about your hair color!

What should I do if I left the salon satisfied and I really liked my hair, but unfortunately my partner or my friends don't think so, and they made me depressed as well?

The most important thing is that you feel good in your own skin, "under your hair". If you like it, if you were happy to change, then this is worth keeping in mind. If you come back saying that "others don't like it", it is unfortunately not a warranty repair - that is, we are ready to accept a new date, but we will carry out the conversion at full price, since it is not a quality defect. An important tip: if you are preparing for a major change, but are afraid of the opinions of those around you, prepare them in advance!

What is the next step if, when I return home, it appears that my hair is longer on one side?

Come back to the hair salon! Minor errors may occur, but all of these can be corrected. For a hairdresser with professional humility, it is okay to sometimes receive such feedback, in fact, in most cases, he is grateful for it, and of course he is happy to make the correction.

Money matters

I pay for my hairdresser's work at the reception. I'd like to leave him a tip too, but I'm not sure if he'll get it…

Of course, at the end of the day, he will receive every HUF that his guests intended for him, don't worry about that!

Why do I need to pay an advance to the hairdresser?

One of the great challenges of the service sector is to filter out less reliable people. Unfortunately, it often happens that someone signs up for a major color change, we reserve the time for them, and then they don't show up, and they don't even cancel in advance, and in the worst case, they can't even be reached by phone. This is why the down payment is important to us. Of course, if the guest cancels the appointment 48 hours in advance, the advance payment will be returned, this is another compromise that can be easily maintained 😊.

From time to time

Unfortunately, I tend to be late. How flexible are you in this?

We strive for a common solution in all cases, that is, we are flexible if you can be, and it's no problem if, for example, you have to wait a little because of the delay, or we can only solve the painting in the remaining time from the combination of painting and cutting. Our hairdressers work with a tight schedule and try to provide the maximum for each guest, but this cannot always be done in a fraction of the time. In addition, it would be unpleasant for you as a guest if your appointment was delayed due to someone else's delay. So basically we ask all our guests to strive for accuracy, in return we always do the same!

I seriously don't have an appointment for my hairdresser that day?

According to them, you have a hairdresser who is popular - congratulations, you made the right choice, the guests like it and are satisfied with it! We know that in your heart you want him to fit in somewhere in his day, but you should know that like all people, he has limits - and he can only perform well if he only pushes them to a healthy level. The "win-win" situation is always if the hairdresser doesn't slip up on time, and you get not only a "crowded" appointment, but a full one!

If I don't have an appointment with my hairdresser, but I only need a haircut that day, won't there be tension if I check in with a colleague?

Don't worry, you don't have to worry about it at all! It is a model that works very well with us, so that you can go to the hairdresser's salon without any stress, since our most important mission is your perfect hairstyle. In addition, we pay attention to the professional execution of this: we document the "painting history" of each of our guests, and in such cases we also discuss in advance what the given guest needs in order to leave perfectly satisfied.

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