Hogy néz ki a profi, otthoni hajápolás rutinja?

What does a professional home hair care routine look like?

Hair care at home is essential for beautiful hair!

Many people are only satisfied with their hair when they leave the hairdresser, after which they feel this less and less. If they go to a professional salon that uses top-quality products, the source of the error is probably to be found in their home hair care routine.

Home hair care routine: pay attention to the details!

The most important thing is that your hairdresser helps! A layman will not find out on his own what type of hair he has and what products should be used to care for it. Just like the skin of the face, the hair also has unique characteristics and basic type, and years of treatments, dyeing, curling, and ironing also have an influence on its condition. This also determines what products are needed for its care and maintenance!

As soon as you know your hair type, you need to find the brand or product line that can effectively care for it and really get the most out of it. Your hairdresser can also help you with product recommendations: depending on your budget, he can list the characteristics of the brands he knows, and you can also buy from the products used by the salon.

What products do you need for your home hair care routine?

  • The first step is a really good shampoo suitable for your hair type.

In addition to whether your hair is dyed or not, there are many other factors that influence which shampoo you should choose! For example, whether it was/is lightened, whether you got hairspray in your hair, or whether it damaged its structure. In addition, an important question is whether your hair is clearly dry or rather dehydrated.

  • Care is important: you need a super conditioner!

What type of hair you have is absolutely crucial for this step as well! It is especially important for problematic, dry, damaged, sensitive hair to not miss out on care and nourishment. In the case of dyed hair, the main problem for most people is that their hairstyle loses its shine, becomes duller after a few washes, and often creates a lifeless effect, which can be significantly delayed by using the right products.

Our tip:

Choose occasional salon treatments in addition to your home routine! Why is this important? The hair care programs used in the salon have a higher content of active ingredients than the products intended for personal use, so their effect is more effective. And at home, be sure to use hair care products in accordance with your hairdresser's advice, and it's important to pay attention to how to use them! With this, you can also prolong the effect of salon treatments.

  • Extras and conditioners with lighter formulas can be used wet/semi-dry.

You apply care oils suitable for roughly towel-dried hair, which is especially good for dyed hair that has been dyed several times, and effectively cares for the ends and helps preserve the shine of the strands. With the right quality products, you don't have to worry about them weighing down your hair at all!

Due to the drying and other styling afterwards - for example, curling irons, straighteners - you should also use a heat protection product, which can reduce the hair-damaging effect of these treatments.

Applying a lightweight hair mousse or volumizing product is an optional option: if you are styling your hair more seriously, don't skip it.

Is it important to choose products from the same family?

Basically, it is better this way, because in such cases the operation and effect of the products build on each other and complement each other. During the development of higher-quality products, special attention is paid to this, so that a complete routine can be built up with the help of members of a product family, for a specific hair type - for a truly flawless crown of hair.

At the Heiszler Salon, we work with Kérastase and Authentic Beauty Concept products. We also help our guests put together a complete routine, and we also welcome them in our salon with treatments that complement their home routine, in order to always have a perfectly groomed and healthy hairstyle! We believe and believe that our hair has a value and that it is not worth settling for anything less than perfect.

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