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Hair care tips for summer the Heiszler Way

Then let's dive into the maze of hair care tips:
In the summer, we focus on taking care of our skin and forget about taking care of our hair, even though with the arrival of the heat, our hair also requires much more care. Sunlight has a similar effect on the hair and scalp as it does on the face. Hot air, UV radiation, water (both chlorinated and salty), and frequent hair washing individually have a damaging effect on our hair, but together they act as a disaster. With our hair care tips, it is certain that our hair will remain healthy and shiny even after the summer season

First, let's see what the listed factors cause and what we can do about them

UV radiation penetrates inside the hair shaft, thus damaging the entire structure of the hair shaft from the hair follicles. UV rays damage light and dark hair color in the same way, which is why it is worth using products with a UV filter on our hair.

Chlorinated water also dissolves the fats that provide hair protection, shine and moisture. In the long term, the hair loses its silkiness, becomes more porous, tangled and rough to the touch. Chlorine is the reason why hair changes color when it comes into contact with water. It mainly affects the hair color of blonde women, which acquires a greenish tint after spending time in the pool. The metals in the water, especially copper, oxidize by reacting with chlorine and combine with the proteins in the hair to discolor the hair. In order to prevent all of this as much as possible, it is worth thoroughly wetting your hair before jumping into the pool, and after splashing around, we can reduce the damage caused by chlorine to a minimum with a good thorough rinse. Hair fibers are like a sponge, if they absorb water, chlorine and salt can no longer penetrate deep into the hair fiber.

In warm weather much more attention should be paid to moisturizing hair care. 10-15% of hair consists of water, which evaporates very quickly due to hot air and leads to hair dryness. During this period, this is even combined with sweating, so we wash our hair more often at home. After using the right shampoo, it is worth increasing the effectiveness of the conditioner and wrap due to the hot, dry weather. You can leave the conditioners on your hair for 10 minutes and the masks for up to 15-20 minutes. No-rinse conditioners, end cares or oils can be used at any time in the summer on wet or dry hair, and after a thorough hair wash, you just need to spray them on the ends and let the hair dry in the open air.

While on vacation, these are the environmental effects together they attack the hair strands, in which case it happens that the desired color can be 2-3 shades lighter and warmer in tone by the end of the holiday. It's worth visiting our hairdresser a week or two before the holiday, on the one hand, to eliminate hair loss or update our hair color, and on the other hand, you can use treatments that replenish our hair with the right nutrients, so it will have less chance of 'fading'. Don't forget to cut your hair either, because the longer the hair, the easier it breaks under the influence of water and the sun.

Hair styling and special colors in summer

In the case of hair care tips, the use of texturizing products that remain in the hair, which emphasize the naturalness of the hair, cannot be left out. Use these on towel-dried hair, comb through with a fine-toothed comb and let the hair dry on its own.

In the summer, care wraps and shampoos containing physical color pigments are especially popular, which give the hair a special, unusual shade (e.g. strawberry, peach, or more extreme shades). The big advantage of these is that they can be used at home and gradually disappear from the hair after washing.

Protection of our hair, hair care at home

Whether you have straight, curly, dyed or bleached hair, wear a summer hat or scarf to protect your hair whenever you can in the warm weather. Thus, in order to supplement the effect of the used hair care products, they can offer even more reliable protection to both the hair and the scalp.

If you are not sure that you are using the right products, or you are just curious, which hair care or hair styling product is really right for your hair, register with us for a free hair care consultation and we will help you find the perfect hair care products for you.

Feeding and care - not only in summer

Year-round gentle care will pay off extra in the summer. Both salon treatments and professional hair care at home contribute a lot to the protection, improvement, and proper hydration of the hair structure. Healthy hair is less damaged by the sun, salt or chlorine water.

We can help our hair get the right nutrients with structure-building and repairing, nourishing treatments. A well-chosen salon treatment can do wonders! It improves the structure of the hair, helps restore damage caused by sunlight, heat, and chlorine, and also provides extra shine, softness, and care to the crown of the hair.

Whether before or after vacation, or just for everyday summer, our exclusive salon treatments help protect hair health. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable treatment for your hair type.

If you have any further questions after reading the hair care tips, or would like to inquire about our other services, we look forward to hearing from you via any of our contact details😊.

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