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Gray hair is in focus

In ancient times, gray hair was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. In most places this is still the case, at least for men.

Nevertheless, women find it difficult to accept the signs of aging. It is the same with the appearance of gray hairs. As soon as the first gray or white hairs appear, we immediately reach for hair dyes and try to completely eliminate the gaudy hairs. Nowadays, many people still believe that undyed gray hair indicates lack of care.

"Because someone who is demanding and takes care of himself dyes his graying hair."

The world is changing!

Fortunately, an ever-increasing percentage of women wear their gray locks with pride. Gray hair color has become more and more fashionable in the world of celebrities as well. This is no longer necessary in parallel with the age.

Lots of young people are dyeing their hair all shades of blonde, and even more are opting for ash, fall-like colors.

If artificial gray hair is so fashionable, why can't we be proud of our natural gray hair?

Care of gray hair

We must acknowledge that natural gray hair loses its moisture content and elasticity. It is duller and more difficult to handle.

This is precisely why proper hair care is extremely important for those who commit themselves to "giving themselves".

We have a number of professional hair care products at our disposal, which make otherwise lackluster hair shiny and bright, or remove the unwanted yellow effect.

If you can't decide which hair care product you can use to best care for your gray hair color, we can help!

Make an appointment for our free, no-obligation hair and scalp care consultation and our salon's expert staff will help you find the right solution so that your hair is always hydrated, soft and shiny!

Natural gray hair color without regrowth?

If you decide that you don't want to dye your hair anymore, you don't have to wait until the dyed part of your hair grows out completely and your hair becomes a uniform natural gray color, because this can take years.

There is a special technique with which we "remove" the previously dyed hair color almost strand by strand, and then tint the hair to a level as close as possible to the natural gray color. This procedure can take 5-7 hours, but in return, you don't have to paint every month.

With this technique, it is very important that the hair loss takes at least 2-3 months, since no one grays uniformly, so we can determine the degree of graying and create the most perfect shade following the original color.

It is not only important to create the perfect gray shade, but also to maintain the hair color. We can ensure this by tinting a few weeks later, and by using appropriate, professional home hair care products. This way, possible yellowing can be avoided and the hair will always be bright and shiny.

Of course, a well-chosen style is essential for complete success.

Overall, an autumn hairstyle can create a well-groomed and fashionable effect if healthy, beautiful, shiny hair is associated with a shape that matches the personality 👩🏼‍🦳.

If you have been planning to regain yourself and accept your natural hair color for a long time, feel free to contact us! Come to us for a free consultation so that we can discuss all the important details in person before the big transformation and adapt the service completely to you.

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