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The shocking result of a color experiment:

""In the salon, my hair was still ash blonde, later I was shocked... It was red in one photo. I'm not kidding. I haven't even had red dye near my hair in a thousand years, but now in a photo the shade was totally copper... I was shocked. Although, thinking about it more, since the salon, I haven't seen the beautiful color that my hairdresser and I chose, and that ended up on my hairstyle. Even on the very first night, in the bathroom mirror, it was strange. I do not understand! Why is that???"

You could have written this little piece of fluff yourself, right?

This happens to most people with dyed hair. It can still be ashy in the salon, yellowish in the bathroom, even red in the photos... But we have good news: COLOR IS NOT THE FAULT!

The color is exactly as you "get" it in the salon. However, what does it all depend on, how do you see it later?

For photos:

What was the photo taken with?

  • Pictures taken with different smartphones have a completely different color, and of course, those taken with cameras as well.
  • Some devices tend to "warm" while others "cool" the actual shade. You need a high-end analog camera to reproduce the real thing!

What were the lighting conditions like?

  • The hair color in the picture can be different as a result of natural and artificial lights, and light effects with cold or warm tones also have a clear influence when it comes to hair color!
  • So the color of your hair will be different when the sun shines on it, different when the weather is gray or rainy, and absolutely different in thousands of artificial lights. Next to a yellowish light bulb, your hair won't look so ashy either, while the bluish LED light can make it look much colder than it really is.

The background is not incidental either

  • The background also has a strong influence on which tones of your hair are enhanced either in a photo or even live.
  • In front of a rosy-brown wall, for example, your ash blonde hair may also have a little rose gold shine, while standing in front of a gray one, its ashenness will come out properly.

When you look at pictures on Pineterest and exclaim, "but that color is beautiful, I want it", think about...

  • …The same factors apply to those photos, in fact! In these cases, it is not uncommon for them to have a slight effect, to tighten, to make the shades more vivid or contrasting. Probably, the models' hair is not exactly the same in real life either.

And now let the results of the experiment come!

In the gallery below, you can see the SAME hairstyle, photographed from different angles, under different lighting conditions, with different backgrounds and different devices. The pictures were taken at the same time, in parallel with several phones, and we did not subject them to any post-processing. After that, if you see a photo of your hair, there should be no doubt that there might be something wrong with the color you already like! After all, you can see that even a beautiful ash blonde can bathe in a cute shade, if the background, the light, and the device with which the photo was taken are like that... Amazing, isn't it?

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