Balayage, Ombre, vagy Babylights?

Balayage, Ombre, or Babylights?

Do you want a change, but you don't know what to choose from the many options? Ombre, Balayage and Babylights are very fashionable hair trends, but you don't know exactly which one covers what? You're not alone, it's hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends, but we're here to help!

If you want a marked transition: Ombre!

It is not by chance that the Ombre technique has been popular for a long time, from a natural effect to a completely extreme appearance, anything can be achieved with it. Its essence is the contrasting color transition, which constantly changes towards the ends. With our palette of extreme colors, almost any color can be made, whether you want pink, blue, red or any shade of the rainbow, the decision is yours. In addition, it looks good with brown, red and blonde colors.

Also important:

This hair trend looks good on at least shoulder-length hair. If the hair on the top of the head is much shorter, there is a big transition in the hairstyle, the transition is not valid. It also looks great on straight hair, of course, only if the transition is perfectly done.

If you choose a combination of natural shades, you can reduce the number of hair dyes. In addition to the sudden, surprising transition, there is also the so-called "Sombre" (soft ombre), which means a softer, more uniform transition. But our experts will of course help you find the right shade for you.

Balayage and Babylights hair trend, the natural "sunny" effect

Although the two techniques achieve a similar effect, they are very different.

THE Balayage in French it means sweeping, it got its name from the fact that the hairdresser applies the new color with his free hand, using "sweeping movements". Nowadays, hairdressers can already achieve this effect with tupiring and foil techniques. Which technique we use is determined by the hair type of our guest. The transition lasts a long time, thus providing a more natural effect. For this reason, if the hair parts of the top of the head are much shorter than the bottoms, the transition does not take effect. Here too, the color transition lightens towards the ends, so it is not possible to achieve a very bright effect around the face.

This style looks best on wavy hair, so if you have straight hair, you will need a little more regular styling. The transition will also be visible in straight hair, but mostly the movement of the waves highlights the depth and height of the colors. It can be made in a cold mushroom shade, which is very popular these days, or in caramel, strawberry, peach colors.

THE Babylights and its purpose is to return the hair to its childhood naturalness. It achieves this with a kind of micro-highlights, using a foil technique. During Babylights, the coloring always starts from the hair roots, not necessarily in the case of Balayage. With this technique, even when your hair is tied up, it creates a light effect around the face, we recommend it to those who like cool shades.

Of course, these methods can also be used with more extreme colors, you can learn more about this from our hairdressers during a consultation.

Who do we recommend? How often should you paint?

Ombre and Balayage are recommended for at least shoulder-length hair and should be repainted relatively rarely, every 4-6 months. If you want the most natural effect possible, Balayage is the right choice. Since Babylights starts from the hair roots, it requires a more regular update, it is necessary to visit the specialist about every two months. It can also be used on short hair and it doesn't cause any problems if your hairstyle is cut in stages, so create strands of different lengths.

Don't worry if you are unsure about the choice of color and technique, our experts will help you find the perfect style for you!

These methods are time-consuming, be prepared that they can take up to 3-4 hours at a time.

However, these special hair colors require special care and attention at home! The Schwarzkopf Chroma ID product line for home use helps preserve bright hair color or neutralize unwanted yellowish, reddish shades that appear during washing. And the built-in bond strengthening technology protects hair quality. This hair coloring mask is individually mixed for your chosen hair color. Recommended for all dyed hair.

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