Authentic Beauty Concept Mementó Relaxációs Hajkezelés

Authentic Beauty Concept Memento Relaxation Hair Treatment

Shut out the outside world with our Mementó hair care service!

The Authentic Beauty Concept Mementó relaxation hair treatment allows our hairdressers to adjust the packages and services to your mood, time and hair needs. Our experts will help you choose the service that best suits you to create inner beauty and peace of mind. The products used during the treatment are made from a special combination of purified natural extracts. It avoids silicone, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils and artificial colors.

To maximize the pleasant experience, we block out the outside world with the use of headphones and an eye mask, so that you can definitely find yourself back. The hair and scalp are pampered with thorough massaging movements that specifically focus on pressure points to deepen relaxation and balance the hair, mind and soul. Slow and rhythmic movements create an experience worth remembering.

Just sit back and relax!

How much time do you have to yourself?

  • Express menu: 5-10 minutes

A lightning-quick escape to a relaxing experience, ideal for after work or a quick lunch break.

We give you this treatment as a gift if you use any of our services!

  • Relaxation & Relaxation: 15-20 minutes, with a long head massage

A sophisticated hair care experience that takes you on a sensual journey while laying the foundation for perfect hair quality. In the meantime, you listen to relaxing music on Bluetooth headphones and we also put on a soothing eye mask. We add silicone and paraben-free, vegan hair care essences to the care pack, which will help your hair regain its authentic beauty and be reborn.

Price: HUF 5900 + price of hair drying

You can choose the service from any product line of Authentic Beauty Concept:

Glow Reminder – It preserves the dyed hair color and gives it a natural shine. Dates and cinnamon not only sound like a mouth-watering combination, but they are also well known for their strengthening, moisturizing, soothing, energizing and conditioning effects.

Amplify Reminder – The formula containing green tea extract and lime lends volume and mass to thin hair. It also restores the optimal moisture content of your hair.

Hydrate Reminder – The product line was created to pamper dry or curly hair with mango and basil extracts. The icing on the cake is that these ingredients contain vitamins and minerals and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Replenish Mementó : - We turn your damaged hair into a strong, shining crown with the energizing effect of maple syrup and pecans.

Relaxation hair treatment for you and for your perfectly groomed hair crown!

In addition to our salon treatments, our home hair care packages also help your hair to shine in its natural state. You can find our Authentic Beauty Concept hair care packages here »» click here.

To sign up for our premium salon treatments, contact us at any of the following contact details:

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