Interview with Ivet Heiszler

For the first time in Hungary, the Refill Station of the Authentic Beauty Concept product line is available exclusively in the Heiszler Salon. A completely environmentally friendly, green solution, a new idea that can revolutionize the system in which hair care products and cosmetics reach the consumer.

Ivett Heiszler, the owner of the Heiszler Salon, tells us about the background of the initiative, she herself is a committed supporter of environmental awareness.

The Heiszler Salon has always been at the forefront of introducing new products, innovations and environmentally friendly solutions. When did you come up with the idea to install an Authentic Beauty Concept charging station in the salon?

I can confidently say that the Heiszler Salon has always been open to green solutions, practically since the opening of the salon.
For example, all our colleagues pay attention to the selective collection of waste, and during covid this is especially important, as even more waste is produced. In the meantime, this very great initiative came from Authentic Beauty Concept, that they would like to have this particular Refill Station available in Hungary for the first time, in which these products are made available to those who visit us in an economical and environmentally friendly form. The main goal is, of course, to produce as little waste as possible.

It is also important to note that these products reach the consumer based on the rules of fair trade, which means that the initiative supports the livelihood of thousands of small Indian guar bean producers by creating a more transparent value chain.

How popular are ABC products with you and what kind of feedback do you get from guests?

We have been working with Authentic Beauty Concept products for a long time, which we like very much and have gained great popularity among our guests. These products are also vegan, as they do not contain any products of animal origin, including beeswax or marine animal extracts. This is particularly important because we would not even imagine how many products of animal origin can be found in other hair care products, which have the role of increasing volume or improving texture.

What is the role of consultation in relation to products for you? To what extent can ABC's products provide customized solutions for different needs?

The consultation with us is always important and individualized. The goal set for each of our guests is to find the most suitable product line for their hair.

In addition, the consultation can be used every time, since the quality of the hair can change - so after a while, a milder treatment can also provide a solution.

What are the experiences of your customers and guests in terms of environmental awareness? Have you used to map the needs of the guests regarding how popular these initiatives would be?

Every year, we conduct a market survey in which we ask our guests how important environmental awareness, sustainability, and the use of "all-free" products are to them. We see that there is a large preponderance of responses that consider this important, and in fact this number is increasing year by year. It is increasingly important that products are sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free. The majority of our guests live a conscious life anyway, not only in terms of environmental protection, but for example a healthy lifestyle is also important to them.

I think that is why they are receptive and open to similar initiatives.
We have already informed your regular guests about the innovation we are preparing, and they have all received it with great interest and are waiting for the new system with great enthusiasm. Many people already tried the recharging station in the first days.

What do you need to know about the operation of the recharging station? How is recharging done, and what makes this solution environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious?

All our guests receive a full description and instructions on the process of how to return and clean the bottle to be refilled. We provide a short and simple description of this, with all the necessary information.

The products will of course be continuously available in our salon. We fill the refillable bottle on site, which is made from 92% recycled materials.

Does the person who uses the service receive a discount on the price of the products?

If someone brings back and refills the bottle intended for this purpose, we provide a 10% discount on the price of newly purchased products.

What do you expect from this new system, what changes will it bring to the popularity of the products?

This is a small but spectacular step towards a comprehensive "green" thinking. Since the products represent an exceptionally high quality in addition to environmental awareness, I am sure that they will receive even more attention and perhaps even more of our guests will be tempted to try one of them. In addition, in the current epidemic situation, people especially notice how much waste is produced in the form of masks, rubber gloves, etc., perhaps we are all more sensitive to protecting our environment better.

If someone hasn't tried these products yet, what would you tell them? How would you encourage them to buy?

It is a very good thing to do something for our environment. This Recharging Station can be the symbol of the cooperation that a conscious customer and a conscious service provider can do something together to ensure that the next generation and the future of our planet move in the right direction. Let's unite for a waste-free future - let this be the message!

Try the Filling station in our salon!

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