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A blessing or a curse? Treating curly hair at home.

Is it difficult to treat curly hair at home? Here are some tips on how to tame your curls. If you have a curly crown, you already know that it takes a lot of extra care to really have a crown. Unlike straight and wavy hair types, those with curly hair face a lot more challenges in their daily hair care routine. Curly hair breaks more easily, ends thin, does not grow, lacks luster and is more prone to dryness. The reason for this is that the hair fibers are raised from the scalp, so they do not come into contact with the so-called hydrolipid film layer of the scalp, which is responsible for the natural care of the hair. A "haystack" effect can easily be achieved with a smooth combing. It requires more hydration (both inside and out), maintenance and if we're being honest, more patience than straight hair types.

Curly hair

We know that because of this, the line between loving and hating curly hair is thin, but now we show you some care and styling tips that will make your everyday life easier! After all, after finding the right products and practices, you can enjoy your beautiful curly tresses, which will be the envy of everyone!

The first and most important question is which group do you belong to? Are you someone who devotes all your energy to making your curly hair straight, or are you the type who would like to emphasize the natural, curly texture of your hair as much as possible?

If you belong to the first group, then scroll down, as there will be useful information for you!

When washing your hair, add an extra step before shampooing! Apply a little conditioner or conditioning oil to dry hair, this will soften it and help prevent damage caused by tangling. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes, your hair will thank you!

Choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully!

Think of your curly hair as fine cashmere. You don't wash your favorite cashmere sweater with poor-quality, strong detergent, do you? Treat your curls this way too!

That's why we recommend it to you Authentic Beauty Concept specially developed for dry and/or curly hair Hydrate product line that regenerates and revitalizes hair. Their products avoid silicone, sulfates and parabens, which is extremely important for curly hair. Shampoo, conditioner, hair wrap and moisturizing lotion are also available in our salon, and our experts will help you choose! Our guests simply love these natural, yet highly effective products! You can also view our Authentic Beauty Concept hair care packages here »»  click here

Authentic Beauty Concept

Curly hair is essentially thirsty hair, as it has a lower moisture content. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the tender.

Drying & Combing

You also have to pay attention to drying and combing! For drying, the first and most important thing is to choose a curling product suitable for your hair type. Never brush your hair dry! Before drying, use only a comb with rare teeth, with which you can already start to form the fall of the waves. Be sure to choose a hair dryer that has a diffuser head. Always dry your hair on the lowest setting! This is the easiest way to keep your curls under control. After drying, use a special leave-in hair care product or end care oil, which you can also find in the Authentic Beauty Concept product range.

Proper combing is also an important factor when treating curly hair! In addition to the comb mentioned above, it is recommended to use a special hair brush with gentle teeth for combing. We recommend you the Tangle Teezer hairbrushes, which are the most ideal for proper care of curly hair. With this, we guarantee more painless combing, as we know how painful it can be sometimes. For other useful advice, contact the professionals of our salon, they will be happy to help you.

Curly hair with a hangover

Many of you encounter the problem that curly curls remain beautiful for a day. During sleep, they get tangled and lose their tresses. It is important to have a curling spray with you that you spray on the critical areas every morning, maybe even spray a little water on your hair and reshape it with the help of the diffuser.


If you want additional styling after the perfect diffuser blow-dry, you will need extra attention in this area as well. Since heat treatment puts already dry, curly hair under extreme strain, it is important to choose high-quality tools. Although everyone immediately thinks of straightening the hair for the sake of variety when styling, it can also be useful to get a curling iron. An excellent tool for fine-tuning naturally curly hair: it allows you to create curls exactly where you need them. If you only adjust it a little at the ends, in the middle or at the end, you don't even need to subject the whole strand to heat treatment.

However, if you want straight hair, definitely aa L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 we recommend you a hair styler. Average heat stylers dry out and weaken the hair fibers, but with the help of the Steampod, you can gently style your hair in seconds with the power of steam. While an ordinary hair straightener removes moisture from the hair, the Steampod hydrates it with the help of steam, and the two Steampod products provide extra care. Styling is child's play, even for the most difficult-to-manage hair. You can also buy this in our salon if you want to gently achieve a varied hairstyle. We haven't even tried a better styler!

It's also important

If you want healthy curly curls that always look flexible and fresh, visit your hairdresser every six to eight weeks for a small adjustment. Treating curly hair isn't that complicated, is it?

If you need advice, come to us for a free consultation or sign up for any of our treatments. Find us at any of our contacts!

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