AirTouch - természetes színátmenet

AirTouch - natural color transition

The newest painting technique, AirTouch, exploded from Russia. As the name suggests, the power of air helps us to achieve the perfect, natural "sunny" effect. The most natural color transition is achieved with this method.

But how is it different from the classic Balayage or Babylights techniques?

There are significant differences in the hair dyeing methodology, thanks to which an even more perfect transition can be achieved. This revolutionary coloring combines hair drying and the foil technique. During AirTouch, thanks to the air flowing from the hair dryer, the baby hair is separated from the strand to be dyed and remains natural. As a result, we will get a beautiful, uniform end result that we have only dreamed of until now. The hair achieves a richer, brighter effect. And the painting does not require frequent updating, and you certainly do not need to deal with it earlier than half a year.


Who do we recommend?

Recommended for hair up to shoulder length. It's an ideal solution if you want to lighten your hair, but you don't want to dye it all because you're afraid of rapid hair loss. The point is to have as much baby hair as possible.

For example, we regularly use it on women who, after a more drastic hair loss (as a result of medication, after giving birth, due to hormonal reasons, due to stress), a lot of baby hair grows back and their hair mass thins towards the ends, with this technique we can achieve wonderful results for them.

You can choose if you only want a small change or even if you want a lighter hair color by several shades, because we will choose the right shade for you.

A perfect choice for renewal! If you are interested, register with us!

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