A haj nem játékszer!

Hair is not a toy!

I would like to write to you about a very important topic! Namely, that hair is not a toy, you can't bleach it forever!

They often turn to us and other hairstylist colleagues with a perfectly polished, filtered photo they found on Instagram or Pinterest that they would like to request.
As we know, it is a big problem these days that all similar portals advertise people with perfect lives, relationships and bodies, who always exist at every moment with perfect hair, makeup and sets. Does the picture sound familiar? If you have imagined this, then take a look at the photos of hairstyles attached to the post, with which they regularly contact us to say that they want one...

They're perfect, aren't they?

Then I would like to ask you a question now, listen carefully!

Do you know someone like that, or have you ever met a woman on the street who wore hair like this? Who has such volume from just combing their hair in the morning or running through their hair after getting up? No fluff in your hair, every day, as if it came from a hairdresser?

The answer is of course: NO!

These hair colors do not exist on ordinary earthly mortals! These hair colors only exist in photos, on the Internet on Pinterest and Instagram - or in commercials. They were not taken in the light of a home bathroom and not in salon conditions, but photographed in perfect lighting conditions using serious light settings and filters, they look like this after long retouching and post-production.
Not to mention the styling, since in order for that volume or wave to remain as it is for the duration of the photo, you need a toupee and a lot of hairspray, but after a while this hairstyle falls apart under the influence of gravity. The next day, when the model gets up, it doesn't look like this anymore...
I would ask those who are photographed like this to also show what it's like when they wash and do their own hair for the first time at home! Not to mention the color, as these cool shades are very sensitive, they lose their coolness even after the first wash. So even after the first wash at home, it won't look like the photo!

Even on Instagram, you can't see these composed wonders in an undried or self-dried state.

Why did I write this for you? To protect you and the hairdressers from disappointment and failure. Of course, such hair colors are not impossible to create, but the starting point, the thickness, quality, texture, and length of the hair are important! If the hair has been dyed at home, or has been bleached several times, or is dark or stained, it is impossible to achieve the same effect once! If it succeeds, it requires regular maintenance by a hairdresser every 3-4 weeks and serious home care.

These colors look beautiful when they are dried or nicely waved, because the surface of bleached hair is always more porous and duller than natural hair that has not been lightened. Exposing hair with a porous structure to the heat of ironing and curling is not a life insurance policy!

What we should also not forget is that 99% of balayage shades are presented on wavy hair on online portals... after that, it is quite natural that the color contrasts will be different if the hair is straightened and not wavy between the two salon visits.

So I'm asking everyone not to fall for these photos!
Is the professional who does not undertake, or does not know, or does not want to prepare, an amateur?

No way!

I also encourage hairdresser colleagues to say no! It often happens that our guest is only captivated by the atmosphere of the photo, the radiance of the model (which is not surprising, since they are all beautiful women) and they don't actually like the hair...

It also happens that the specialist tells you in vain that this result cannot be achieved with one painting. Sometimes the guest doesn't even want to hear this, since he came to the hairdresser determined, and all he sees is that someone has beautiful hair colors on his Instagram page, and he knows that then any of his hair can be made. Then comes the disappointment that it didn't immediately become like that, or that pastel, or that cold, or that blonde, and yet he spent hours in the salon and even paid a lot...
One word is more than a hundred, these pictures are wonderful, artistic, beautiful, all my credit to the artists, the photographer and the hairdresser who created them, BUT they do not reflect everyday reality! Let's try to protect ourselves and our guests from this failure and possible complaints, because a one-time income is not worth stressing about for months afterwards.
And how could we summarize this blog post with the fact that is most true for us, dedicated and dedicated hairdressers: we always want the most beautiful and the best for you, and that's why we do everything! And for this, two-way communication is absolutely important - and it won't depend on us, because we want you to always shine and be satisfied!

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