9 ok, amiért a vendégeink szeretnek hozzánk járni

9 reasons why our guests like to visit us

Going to the hairdresser is definitely an experience, and our salon puts special emphasis on ensuring that the time you spend with us is a real recharge! Our market research revealed the 9 most frequently cited reasons why our guests like to visit us... Are you curious?

1. You can book an appointment easily and flexibly : Our online registration system makes it easier to book an appointment, because you can book with us even at night or on Sunday. We are also flexible in terms of telephone availability. During the opening hours of our salon, you can book an appointment with any specialist with the help of our salon coordinator, Alíz, so you don't have to worry that the time you call us is not suitable. In other words, there is no problem that you call the hairdresser during work or in your free time!

2. We care about you: All the professionals of both of our salons work with the same guest-centered approach. With us, it cannot happen that we provide our services at a different price, with different products, be it hairdressing, cosmetics, or hand and foot care. We keep a record of all our guests' data, hair coloring history, skin diagnosis card and treatment plan, so all professionals perform services at the same level.

3. We listen and understand our guests: With us, you can feel safe when it comes to your hair. The beautician-guest relationship is basically one of trust, which is why we don't even begin our services without a consultation. We will find common ground with you, as it is important that we understand each other easily. We respect your requests and ideas.

4. We plan for the long term : We also draw your attention to the fact that the hairstyle you have dreamed of is not beneficial for your face shape, your lifestyle, or it may not be feasible to preserve the quality of your hair. If the facial treatment you have chosen is not effective enough for your skin, or the chosen technique / nail shape / color is not a good decision for some reason, we will also let you know. What matters to us is not the one-time income, but the fact that you enjoy the service we provide not only the moment you leave the salon, but also between your two salon visits. It is important that your hairstyle, skin and nails contribute to your confident appearance, which is why we can offer a 100% guarantee for all our work.

5. Relax, me time, experience in one place: Everyone needs Me Time - because who wouldn't enjoy a head massage combined with a hair treatment, a skin rejuvenation treatment, or a foot care combined with a foot massage, along with a delicious coffee or tea. And last but not least, professionals who know when you want to talk and when you just want to relax in silence, drinking your delicious coffee, or work on your laptop and don't want company.

6. We are punctual : Time is our most valuable asset these days. No one likes to be kept waiting, especially not when they arrive for an appointment. We are aware of this and honor our guests by waiting for them prepared at the specified time.

7. Life beyond the salon is also important to us: You can use our professional products and tools in your home, we will teach you how to use them most effectively, so that your surroundings will always be envious of your excellent appearance.

8. We provide exceptionally high hygienic conditions: We use all hairbrushes in a sterile state for each of our guests, and our salon is cleaned every day by a professional cleaning specialist.

9. We only work with the best quality products: All our tools are products of market-leading, high-end, professional brands, whether it's combs, hairbrushes, scissors, hair clippers, or hair dryers. We believe that perfect hairstyles can only be done this way.

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