9 dolog, amit mindenképp gondolj át egy drasztikus hajvágás előtt!

9 things you must think about before a drastic haircut!

We all want to renew ourselves from time to time, please someone, or just surprise ourselves with a new look. Some are afraid of a more drastic change, others bravely go for it. Some people are aware of what suits them, some people are completely clueless. Some people want to see a new person in the mirror, some are real chameleons and always want renewal. Some people want a new look because of a life event, some people want to dazzle their partner. But what are the most important aspects? We summarize for you in 9 points what you should pay attention to!

  1. Is it important to be able to get it together? If it's important, where do you like to wear braids? In the back of your neck, or rather at the top of your head? From the point of view of the hairstyle to be created, these are important questions! Do you like it when a few strands stick out in the front, or do you get a kick out of it when strands hang in your eyes or tickle your face? Maybe it fits behind your ear? You should talk to the specialist about these before you start. 🙂
  2. It doesn't matter whether you visit us driven by a sudden idea, or you've been thinking about a more serious renovation for a long time. If there are spiritual reasons for the decision to make a big change, then it is worth choosing an intermediate solution, because based on our experience, 80% of these sudden decisions end in regret.
  3. You consider how much time you are willing to spend on learning how to style your new hairstyle, whether you are willing to buy styling tools and products for this, or whether you just want a new shape that you don't have to worry about. Let's be honest, this is rarely feasible. A good professional will also teach you how to do this and help you get your hair in perfect shape at home.
  4. You like a hairstyle - but is the hair in the photo your style or completely different? We primarily strive for harmony and a confident appearance in relation to our guests - the hairstyle contributes greatly to this. However, if we don't choose a style or hair color that matches the guest's personality, the effect can be completely opposite. You can choose a completely different hairstyle, but it is worth adjusting your makeup and clothing accordingly.
  5. It is important that the hairstyle you dreamed about is also accepted at your workplace. If there is any rule regarding this, be sure to look it up so that you don't get any unpleasant surprises later.
  6. You should consider whether it would suit your face shape well, whether the particular hairstyle is beneficial for you. Our guests often come to us with a photo, or perhaps they mention a friend's hairstyle as an example. However, it doesn't hurt to know that a hairstyle is a pattern. Just as a mermaid dress with spaghetti straps doesn't look good on every body shape, the same goes for hairstyles. The specialists will tell you this during a consultation.
  7. An important question is whether the given style is feasible for you, i.e. whether the direction of hair growth and hair structure make it possible in your case. If we consult, you will get the answer to this question too!
  8. Ask yourself: apart from the pictures, have you seen the same or similar hairstyle you want? Many times it looks good in the pictures and seems to be wearable, but in everyday life it may not be practical and easy to handle.
  9. It's not easy to make a long story short! If the hairstyle is very short compared to your current hair length, consider how long it will take to grow it if you want it long again.
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