5 érv a frufru mellett, és 5 érv ellene

5 arguments for bangs and 5 arguments against it

Many of our guests come to us with a big dilemma when they want to change their appearance. What can be the relatively simple intervention that is really spectacular and lends a new look? Bangs are a trademark of some celebrities, and we want to be as confident as they are - just think of Sandra Bullock, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift with or without bangs and you'll see the difference. However, bangs are a decision that is easy to regret, so we have collected some advice before you decide.

5 arguments against bangs:

  1. Hair grows about 1 cm in a month, so you need to update a shorter type of bangs frequently, because they lose their shape quite quickly or hang in your eyes.
  2. After training or in the morning, when you fall asleep, you will have to deal with it a little! Dry shampoo should always be with you, as it is the easiest way to make your bangs perfect.
  3. I'll just correct it a little - is the saying often. If you make a mistake at home, you can "bear" the consequences! 🙂
  4. If the bangs are not the right length, they may fall on the glasses, which will push them out and make them uncomfortable to wear.
  5. If you have a lot of twists, but you insist on having bangs, then be prepared that it will probably stand back and forth at even the slightest breeze.

5 arguments in favor of bangs:

  1. If you choose short bangs, you can see your hairdresser more often.
  2. Dry shampoo will be your best friend, because when your hair is in need of washing, but you don't have the time / desire to wash it, you can refresh your hair roots with dry shampoo. It can also be a solution if you just wash your bangs, dry them, and tie your hair in a braid - but if you set your bangs nicely, no one will tell you that this is a bad hair day hairstyle.
  3. An important aspect and a strong argument: bangs make you look younger! You can negate years with small frown lines covered up.
  4. It is always a fashionable item of clothing, and it is no coincidence that it is a popular hairdo on the catwalks, whether short or long.
  5. It can give a wonderful contour to the face, even a loose braid will brighten it up.

For the above reasons, it is worth consulting with a professional to make your decision, or give up the bangs and renew your hairstyle with a different technique.

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