DOCTOR BABOR is an antiaging and cell regenerating product line developed and tested by dermatologists and cosmetologists. They have an exceptionally high content of active ingredients and provide a targeted solution for individual skin problems. Fast, noticeable and spectacular results are guaranteed.

We recommend our treatments to our guests individually, with prior consultation.

Treatment time: 60 - 90 minutes

Targeted hydration

Hydro Cellular

Hydration is important for healthy, youthful skin! The new Hydro cellular treatment brings refreshment to dry, moisture-deficient skin. Thoroughly and deeply hydrates, smoothes and vitalizes. The treatment includes a pressure point massage, and at the end of the treatment, a special mask with 99% natural, freeze-dried collagen is applied. Collagen Biometrix Face intensely hydrates and accelerates collagen synthesis.

Treatment time: 90 minutes

He corrects. It renews. It refines.

Refine Cellular

More radiance, visibly more even and vibrant skin. The REFINE CELLULAR product line strengthens the skin's own defense mechanisms. Active ingredients such as AHA, enzymes, antioxidants or retinol provide targeted help in the case of enlarged pores, irregular skin structure, pigment spots or skin redness, while effectively removing toxins caused by drugs, smoking and urban air pollution.

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Neurocosmetic skin care

Neuro Sensitive Cellular

More resistant and immediately calm, balanced skin. Skin care with silver concentrate and Y-linolenic acid for dry, extremely sensitive skin. It reduces skin redness and irritation, promotes a symptom-free period of neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Treatment time: 90 minutes

  • Calm and comfortable environment

    The Heiszler Salon provides an exclusive, quiet and comfortable environment where you can completely relax.

  • Personalized treatment

    We tailor our facial treatments to the individual needs of your skin to achieve the best effect.

  • Convenient appointment booking

    Booking an appointment is also simple and convenient, so that we fit in as best as possible with your busy schedule.

  • Multiple options

    We use a variety of treatment techniques to find the best solution for your personal needs.

  • Experienced professionals

    Our expert beauticians work with their best knowledge and attention to make you satisfied with the experience.

  • Health is important

    We are committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle, an essential element of which is physical and mental refreshment.


Our beauticians are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to high professional standards.

In addition to expertise, we also pay special attention to your individual needs and comfort, thus ensuring a pleasant and efficient treatment experience.

Our beauticians will tailor your treatment plan, taking into account your individual condition and goals.

Beautician - Pozsonyi út

Győrfi Buttercup

During the consultation, I discuss your needs and lifestyle with you particularly thoroughly and carefully.
Regardless of gender, age or problem, you can contact me, whether it's about men's facial treatments, anti-aging treatment, any teen treatment, or preventive treatment or body treatments.
I consider it very important to establish a proper relationship of trust, you can honestly contact me with anything, I will try to find a solution for everything so that you are fully satisfied! Thanks to my mental health education, I can not only beautify your skin, but I can also help you find spiritual harmony, which greatly contributes to achieving healthy and glowing skin!
The abundance of positive feedback always confirms that I have chosen the perfect profession for me, and the many happy and satisfied smiles on the faces take me forward on my journey!