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While creating a new colour or hairstyle, next to the guest's ideas, we attend to several things such as the shape of the head, face, style, characters, the “coloures” of the face, to make the result perfect. The appearance should be more harmonious and unified at departure than arrival.



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Hairstyle for women (for men as well, but they are less keen to admit it) is not only a "tool", but also a fashion for our faces that improves our personality. A great hairstyle can emphasize its owner's personality well, or on the contrary it can also fade it. A good hairstyle is not only a matter of aesthetics, but an important part of our soul! Those hairdressers who can't understand it well, might be great in business, but not in their profession. We want you to leave from Heiszler Salon delighted and revitalized by your new hairstyle! Having a wonderful hair not only gives us a good appearance, but it also makes us feel great!

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